This document explains battles, damage and gravity in Turbo Sliders. Battle support and damage were added in version 1.0.8.


Players with earlier game versions (1.0 - 1.0.7) can join damage races and battles but upgrading to the newest version is strongly recommended. Especially, if there are missiles, older version players cannot see or fire missiles. If autokick is on (as it by default is, the value can be changed with server command /autokick 0 or 1), players with older versions are kicked before a missile game starts. This ensures that each participating player can fire missiles. You can also make it impossible for earlier game version players to join at all by using the server command "/set RequireMissileSupport 1". After that, earlier game version players cannot join any games. If they try, they see "Invalid protocol version" error message. In this case, it would be kind to put a note in the server info telling that 1.0.8 is required.


In a battle, the purpose is not to race but to wreck other cars. In a normal battle, the battle continues until time runs out or there is only one non-wrecked car left. In a normal team battle, the game ends when there are no cars left in one team. In infiltration team battle mode, it is also possible to win by getting any non-wrecked car to the enemy base (the enemy starting position).

A battle can be a missile battle or a battle where players try to push other players out of a certain game area. The latter mod is called Xtreme Bumpz and was originally invented by Kobradog.

In a missile battle, cars lose energy by hitting other cars, obstacles or missiles fired by other cars. In Bumpz battles, cars get wrecked if they leave the game area (by default, going on grass). By changing settings, it is also possible to mix the features of different battles, for example by having damage or missiles in Bumpz.

If the battle has missiles, cars can fire them at a rate set by the server. The default missile firing button for the player in slot 1 is Right Shift but it can be configured in the Controls Settings.

Depending on the server rules, players can earn cup points in various ways. Players can get points for wrecking other cars, infiltrating the enemy base in the infiltration team mode, hitting other cars with missiles, surviving in a team battle or for the final position in a non-team battle. See the battle settings below for more information.

Damage may affect the acceleration of the car. If there is a pit in the track, players can get their cars repaired. Damage can also be set to be on in a normal non-battle race.


In the worst case (every player is firing the maximum number of missiles), missile battles require about twice the amount of bandwidth compared to races and battles without missiles. For example, a normal race with 10 players (or XBumpz) requires about 200 kbps of server upstream while a missile battle needs about 400 kpbs. You can see more bandwidth estimations in the Start Server menu by changing the number of players.


A battle automatically starts if the track has been marked to be a battle track. You can either choose a battle track under the tracks/battle directory or make your own ones. To learn how to make a battle track, see chapter "Making a Battle Track" below.

The following chapters describe various settings that affect battle and damage. Teams settings are the same as in Punaball games. See README-punaball.txt for more information on teams.


These settings change the battle settings in a battle track. All these settings can be changed either by editing sliders.ini or by using the server command /set . For example, to set normal team battle on, type "/set TeamBattle 1". To see all battle related settings, type "/show Battle". To set all battle settings to default, type "/default Battle" (as an admin).

  • TeamBattle: 0 for not a team battle, 1 for normal team battle, 2 for a team battle where a team can also win by infiltrating the enemy base.
  • BattleMaxTime: Maximum time of a battle, 0 if no limit.
  • PointsForWrecking: How many points one gets for wrecking another car.
  • PenaltyForTeamWrecking: How many points one loses for wrecking a team member.
  • PointsForMissileHit: Points for hitting another car with a missile.
  • PenaltyForTeamMissileHit: Points lost for hitting a team member with a missile.
  • PointsForWin: Points every team member in a winning team gets.
  • PointsForDraw: Points everyone gets when no team wins.
  • PointsForSurvivingInTeam: Points for not getting wrecked in a team match.
  • GivePositionPoints: Whether to give position points in a non-team match. Points are given as in normal races.
  • PointsForInfiltrating: Points for winning a team battle by infiltrating the enemy base.
  • BumpzBounciness: Extra bounciness in car-to-car collisions in XTreme Bumpz. Value 1 means no extra, 2 means double bounciness.



To change damage settings, either edit sliders.ini or use the /set command (for example: "/set ForceDamage 1). To see all damage settings, type "/show Damage" and to set everything to default, type "/default Damage".

  • ForceDamage: If 1, damage is on in normal races with pits and and in Xtreme Bumpz. If 2, damage is also on in races without pits.
  • MaxEnergy: The maximum energy of cars.
  • MaxCarHitEffect: The maximum amount of energy a car can lose by hitting another car.
  • MaxWallHitEffect: The maximum amount of energy a car can lose by hitting an obstacle.
  • FullRepairTime: How many seconds it takes to fix all damage in a pit.
  • AutomaticFullRepairTime: (Added in version 2.4.3) How many seconds it takes to fix all damage automatically, even when not in pit. By default, this is not happening.
  • MaxSlowdown: How much acceleration is lost with max damage. If this is 1,the car cannot accelerate any more. In a race game, it gets then disabled. (In a battle, cars always get disabled when         the have no energy left.)
  • SlowdownStartLimit: When damage slowdown starts. For example, if this is 0.8, the car starts to lose its acceleration when it has less than 80 % of energy left.



As usual, edit sliders.ini or use the /set command (for example: /set MissileWeight 200). To see all missile settings, type "/show Missiles" and to set everything to default, type "/default Missiles".

  • ForceMissiles: If 1, missiles are on in Xtreme Bumpz, too. ForceDamage needs to be set, too, if missile hits should consume energy.
  • ForceRaceMissiles: If 1, missiles are usable in normal races, too
  • MissileEffect: Amount of energy lost when a missile hits.
  • MissileWeight: Missile weight (affects collision impact).
  • MissileReloadTime: Number of milliseconds it takes to reload a missile. There also must not be too many old missiles still active.
  • MissileStartSpeed: Speed of a missile after launch.
  • MissileAcceleration: Acceleration of missile.
  • TimeToLaunch: Delay between firing a missile and the actual launch.


You can make a battle track like a normal track but mark it to be a battle track by pressing F9 in the editor and clicking the left mouse button until the track type is "Battle Track", with missiles or "Xtreme Bumpz". Control points also get a new meaning now: the starting positions of the teams and individual cars in non-team matches. Before you save the track, you must define two team start positions and 20 individual start positions in the Control Points mode.

In Bumpz battles, grass is automatically set to be the fatal terrain which causes a car to get wrecked. If you want to change that to some other terrain, you need to manually edit the trk file and change the KillTerrain value. After the change you still need to reload and save the track to make the hash value correct. By manually editing the track, you can add KillTerrain to other types of tracks, too. The line must be after the Include line. KillTerrain sets "energyloss" property of a terrain to 100000. You can also manually define a terrain with a non-zero energyloss to get other kinds of energy loss effects. Note that energyloss and KillTerrain only have an effect in race tracks with pits if ForceDamage has been set to 1 or 2. If damage should be on in race tracks without pits, ForceDamage must be 2.


It is also possible to have damage on in a race. This is done by setting RaceDamage to 1. You can do that either by editing sliders.ini or by using server command "/set RaceDamage 1". Damage works as in battles except that the car can continue to move after all energy is lost unless MaxSlowdown is set to 1.


In version 2.0, it is also possible to add gravity to a track. To use global gravity ina track, add line "Gravity " into the trk file. The unit of gravity is the same as for car acceleration, try for example 100 at first. Positive values mean gravity downwards, negative values upwards. To make the track hash valid, you must load the track in editor and save it after having added the gravity line.

Gravity can also be used as a terrain property. Terrain property "gravity" (positive integer, negative values not allowed) specifies terrain gravity. Property "gravitydirection" (integer from 0 to 359) specifies its direction. 0 Means to right, 90 down (default) etc. Note that the direction is absolute and does not change if a tile containing gravity terrain is rotated.