General settings

There are lots of settings that can be changed in the different submenus under the "Settings" menu.


  • Lap Number: Number of laps in your races.
  • Start Order: How starting order is determined.
  • Ghost Race: Whether cars collide or not.
  • Pro Mode: Whether pro mode is on (See Start Server section for more info).
  • Start Mode: In normal start mode, race always starts at the same time, indicated by starting lights litting one after another. In Random mode, all lights are lit and start occurs after a random time when the lights are unlit.
  • Points for stopped race: Whether race points are given if the server stops a race before the first player has finished.
  • Points for best lap: How many points is given to the player who has made the fastest lap in a race.
  • Points for positions: How many points different positions in a race gives.


Here you can change the in-game key bindings. Each of the four possible local players has keys for acceleration, turning right, turning left and braking. Diagnostics key shows information on FPS and network during the game. Stats key displays different statistics. Recording key starts and stops recording. Predictive camera key switches camera mode. Full screen key toggles whether statistics panel is visible in the lower part of the screen or if all the space is used for the track. Prediction change keys can be used in a network game depending on the network connection quality. See the network section for more information.
To use joystick or joypad, you must first enable joystick support. Joystick buttons are automatically assigned to different controls but you can change them by pressing the buttons in respective places in the menu.


  • Top List Size: How many entries there are in the main track record top lists (each car has its own).
  • Local Player List Size: How many entries there are for each local player.
  • Remote Player List Size: How many entires there are for each remote player. WARNING: if this is something else that 0, your lists may become very big if you play lots of network games. Big lists can slow down operations.
  • Generate HTML on exit: If this is enabled, when you exit the game, HTML pages about your records are automatically generated. Open records25/html/index.html to see them. Disable this if you do not need this and exiting the game takes lots of time.
  • Exporting: If enabled, you can send your records to other players.
  • Importing: If enabled, you can receive records from other players.
  • Permanent Logs: Each time you run the game, file log.txt is generated in the game directory. It contains results of all the cups you were racing. Normally, the old log file is destroyed each time you start the game. If you enable this option, the game will put logs in the log subdirectory and never delete the logs.


Automatic Recording: How many last races are automatically saved in the video/autosave directory.
Recording Interval: How often the full state of the race is saved in recordings (in addition to control information). The shorter the interval is, the better the recording is expected to work (with less warping) but this also makes the recording bigger.
Client Recording Interval: This is the corresponsing interval when playing a network game as a client. This interval should be much shorter than the interval above.


  • Server port: Port for your server. Change if you can't use the default for some reason.
  • Client port: Default port for your client. Change only if you can't use the default for some reason.
  • Min/Max Prediction: Prediction controls how much the client predicts in a network game. This is needed to make the game look smooth despite the fact that messages between the client and server take time. These number should be such that the ping between the client and the server always stays between these numbers. You can also change the values when in game using PageUp/PageDown (or whathever you have changed them to)
  • Autoprediction: If this is on, the game tries to automatically adjust prediction during game to prevent lag. Turn this off if you want to do that manually.
  • Event send times: How many times each control message is sent to the server. If your network connection has lots of packet loss, increasing this number may help.
  • Send interval: This controls how often server sends updates to the clients. The more often updates are sent, more bandwidth is required. However, the game can become smoother.
  • Event Send Fut.: This controls how much future events are sent to the clients. This is probably best left as it is.
  • Autokick: If enabled, disconnected players are automatically kicked before each reace.
  • Continuous Reg: Whether you allow new player to join after the registration phase of the cup is over.


Video settings can affect performance drastically. If you add resolution or zoom level, the game may start lagging in network games if there are lots of cars. See the Troubleshooting document for details.

  • Resolution: Default game resolution. Change takes effect when the game is restarted. Increasing resolution may cause lag if there are lots of players.
  • Driver: Video driver. OpenGL is usually the best alternative. If there are problems with it, you can try other settings. DirectDraw without alpha blending in full screen may be fast.
  • Full Screen: Whether to run the game in full-screen mode. Change takes effect when the game is restarted.
  • Double Buffering: Whether to use double-buffering. This settings should be on if possible, but it may cause problems on some systems. Change takes effect when the game is restarted. Double buffering should also bind game FPS to monitor refresh rate if Smooth FPS is used.
  • Shrink to Fit: Sets whether every track is shrunk so that all of it is always visible. If there are more than one local player, this is automatically on.
  • Enlarge to Fit: Whether to enlarge track to fit screen if it is smaller than the screen.
  • Zoom Factor: How much to zoom by default. Increasing zoom level may cause lag if there are lots of players.
  • Predictive cam: Whether to use predictive camera in games. If this is on, visibility area is updated according to the speed and direction of your car. This may help but may also be nauseating.
  • Smoke: Whether to show smoke. If your machine is slow, disabling this can help a lot.
  • Shadows: Whether to show shadows of the cars.
  • Skidmarks: How to draw skidmarks.
  • Alpha Blending: Whether to alpha-blend smoke, shadows and cars. If you have lag with lots of players using DirectDraw and do not want to use OpenGL, disabling this can help a lot, but graphics do not look as good.
  • Lightmapping: Whether to use lightmap on top of tracks. Disabling this speeds up loading a track slightly but does not make the game run faster.
  • Menu Effects: Whether to see background image in main menus and starfield effect in network games.
  • Smooth FPS: Internally, game updates its state 50 times a second. If this option is on, in-between-states are calculated so that game feels smoother with monitors not supporting 50 FPS. Disable this only if you have problems with it.


  • Audio On: Whether to have sounds on.
  • Engine Sounds: How many different car sounds to play in the game. How many can be selected depends on your sound card driver.
  • Effect Channels: How many effect sounds to be able to play simultaneously. How many can be selected depends on your sound card driver.
  • Remote Car Volume: At which level to play engine volumes for non-local cars in network games.
  • Position Effect: The game uses 3D sounds which enable you to hear where different cars are. Changing this value tells how big the effect is.
  • Menu Volume: How loudly to play menu navigation samples.
  • Effects Volume: How loudly to play effect samples.
  • Car Volume: How loudly to play car sounds.
  • Music On: Whether to play music.
  • Music Volume: How loudly to play the music.


This menu allows you to change your in-game language. To add more languages in the game, put language files in the "lang" folder.


If you have purchased the full game, you can see your license information here. If you are using an illegal license or want for some other reason to remove your license, you can do it here.