How to handle manual client prediction for online playing

Before you read instructions, you need to know that:
- they are only related to players who are already having stable internet connection
- they will not help you to solve any problem about lags; they can only help you to produce a new ones

These instructions are supposed to help you to manually define how fast other players' movements will appear on your screen. If you're having stable connection, we highly recommend you to follow these instructions. They'll teach you how to disable Auto-Prediction and handle it manually. You'll be able to get much better online experience if you do so, and you'll get it without a big risk.

From the game menu chose settings/network, and change client settings as following:
Min Prediction 0
Max Prediction 40
Auto-Prediction Disabled

Now open a desired server from the server list. While being on the track press F10 and look at the right bottom corner. These info are placed there:
Race ping
Serv diff

Be focused on Serv diff only. Your goal is to get as lower number as possible there: 
0 is perfect, but it's also too risky (not recommended) 
20 is great but pretty risky if your connection isn't stable (risky);
40 is somehow optimal (recommended). 

To get desired Serv diff results, use Page Up/Page Down keys: 
- By pressing Page Up key, you're increasing current client prediction (good: smaller lag chance / bad: bigger image delay). 
- By pressing Page Down key, you're decreasing current client prediction (bad: bigger lag chance / good: smaller image delay). 

But, hey, you decided to risk, so don't aim Serv diff numbers bigger than 40. Otherwise, don't use these tricks and get back to "Auto-Prediction Enabled" status.
The only big problem about manual prediction handling is that you have to correct settings by Page Up/Page Down often, especially if you're joining different servers (with different ping) often, or when the connection with a server isn't stable enough. But once you get use to it, it will be all easier, especially when you notice the big difference in gameplay. 

Some extra info:
By setting Min Prediction 0 and Max Prediction 40 from the game's network menu, we actually just defined prediction range. We could define the same range by using Min Prediction 20 and Max Prediction 60, or 80 and 120. We decided to use 0 and 40 just to make it easier to notice what the prediction range is (40). Those settings are there only temporarily. By using keys Page Up/Page Down you'll actually change these numbers gradually (with range fixed to 40). So, don't be surprised if those numbers are changed once you check the settings/network again after some online activity. 
Why range 40?
Well, our experience says that results are the best if the range is small. By setting bigger range, you could still get a good results, but you also let the game more often to avoid risky prediction, cause that's what it's always trying to do. One benefit of the bigger range is that you'll not have to tweak Serv diff that often by Page Up/Page Down, but we still insist more on the lower image delay even it's a bit harder to handle manually. In other words, we wanted to lead you to the best possible results, not to the most secure ones - because you're already having those by using default network settings.