How to play with more than 4 local players

TS allows up to 4 local players to play on one PC by default. But if you need ability to allow more than 4 players to play locally, there is a trick to make that. And guess what, it allows you to enable as much players as you want! This is how to do it:
- Do right click on the TS desktop shortcut and select Properties.
- Click on the Shortcut tab.
- In the section "Target:" there is a following text: "D:\Program Files-Games\Jollygood Games\Turbo Sliders\sliders.exe". You need to write the parameter -p <n> on the end of it, where n is the maximum number of local players you want to allow. Lets say you want to allow 8 players. The text will be written like this:
"...\Jollygood Games\Turbo Sliders\sliders.exe" -p 8
- Press OK.

When you run the game next time, you will see that it allows you now to select up to 8 local players, and you will be able to set controls for each of them separately. If you have a lot of friends with you in the same room, now you can all sit in front of one monitor and have a great fun!