This document explains tyre wear in Turbo Sliders. Tyre wear support was added in version 2.4.1.

When tyre wear is enabled, cars slowly lose their grip, steering, braking etc. properties until tyres are changed. That is done by stopping in the pit for long enough. If the stop is too short, the original tyre status remains. Tyre wear does not affect AI players.

Tyre wear can only be activated by server commands or by editing game.ini.
To enable it, use command "/set TyreWear 1".
To disable, "/set TyreWear 0".
There are lots of adjustable parameters related to tyre wear. To see them all, say "/show Tyres". The parameters are as follows:

  • TyreWear: 0 if disabled, 1 if enabled when there is a pit, 2 if always enabled
  • TyreWearStartTime: Time until effect starts (straight max-speed driving)
  • TyreWearEndTime: Time until tyre wear effect is in maximum 
  • TyreChangeTime: Time it takes to change tyres in pit
  • TyreWearGripFactor: Maximum effect to grip (lower means more effect)
  • TyreWearGripFactorAntiSlideLimit: At what grip change point antisliding is lost
  • TyreWearSteeringFactor: Maximum effect to steering 
  • TyreWearBrakingFactor: Maximum effect to braking 
  • TyreWearSlideBrakingFactor: Maximum effect to slide braking 
  • TyreWearAccelFactor: Maximum effect to acceleration
  • TyreWearExtraWhenBraking: How much more tyres are worn when braking
  • TyreWearExtraWhenSliding: How much more tyres are worn when sliding
  • TyreWearExtraForTerrainViscosity: Extra tyre wear on a slow terrain (visc > 1)
  • TyreWearExtraForGrip: Extra tyre wear on grip based turning


  Because some changes can in certain situations be helpful, all lap times 
achieved with worn tyres are considered "c" laps which means they are not 
taken as official lap records.


  Tyre wear support requires slightly more bandwidth than normal game. 
Each update packet contains 4-6 bytes of extra data per player.