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Complete Member List (including past or inactive members)
Nerd [Uk]

invent Racing [iR] was formed by iBlaze² in 2008. Our roots can be traced back to Kova's [YeLo] team, which consisted solely of Kova (now known as Nerd [UK]) and iBlaze². When Kova decided he no longer had the time to build [YeLo], iBlaze² took the reigns and formed the invent Racing [iR] team - a team whose only aim is to be a big group of friendly players who love playing Turbo Sliders!

The original four members consisted of iBlaze², Nerd [UK], Etmil and lux, with Burn and Scud also joining the team later in 2008. 

iBlaze² stepped down in 2009 and Scud took over team leadership for a while, signing iceman in the process. Scud also created the official invent Racing [iR] test track during his time with the team - Sc_Inventarius. However, a period of inactivity from a lot of team members later that year lead to [iR] taking a hiatus from the game.

iBlaze² returned in 2010 to re-form a new, improved invent Racing [iR] team with many of the previous members re-joining. Jurgen, Lexx and kapa112 also joined the re-launched team during the course of 2010.

The next 5 years saw a very stable member list, with [iR] players coming and going from the game - sometimes becoming very active, other times less so.

Then, in 2015, we saw our first new member in 5 years when kikiriki decided to join invent Racing [iR]. Our team is now 7 years old, still going strong and our doors are still very much open. If you're interested in joining, have a look at our Protocols and Philosophies below and send iBlaze² a PM (but please note, you must have played with iBlaze² in servers to be considered for the team).


Protocols and Philosophies

  • invent Racing [iR] has no set team colours. Members are free to choose their own livery.
  • There are no in-game skill requirements from team members. We understand that different people are better in different cars or at different game modes and we will not drop members for 'underperforming'. At the end of the day, it is only a game.
  • Any kind of 'team play' during fun cups such as Full Contact or XBumpz is completely optional. Members of invent Racing [iR] can pwn each other as much as they wish (but they better expect to be pwned back of course!). Similarly, team members can also work together to pwn other rivals as much as they like. Nothing is enforced, as long as you respect the rules of the game.
  • We do not expect our members to constantly be active in-game or forums. We understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to play. We also understand that many players take occasional breaks from playing. This is completely normal.
  • Once you have been accepted into invent Racing [iR], you earn a place on our member list for life. This means you are welcome to re-join the team at any time (unless in the case of dismissal).
  • The only expectation of our members is that they love playing Turbo Sliders!

This is not to say that we will happily accept anybody into our team. We expect our members to play in a mature and respectful manner. This means playing fair in fairplay races without pushing, blocking or driving backwards around the circuit. It means respecting the rules of whatever mode they are playing. It also means being respectful towards other players when chatting in between races. Members of the Turbo Sliders community know what is and what isn't acceptable when playing in a server and we expect members of our team to apply these basic protocols.

We reserve the right to dismiss any member of invent Racing [iR] who is found to bring the team into disrepute within the Turbo Sliders community. Remember, if you are not mature enough to resolve situations like an adult, then you are not mature enough for invent Racing [iR]. As mentioned above, we are the friendly team of Turbo Sliders!

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