F1GP - Formula 1 Grand Prix #2

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Video teaser (by Silva)

Video replays
Full race setup source for testing (f1gp-test.src) - read how to use it down in Test race(s) section.

Qualifications and races will be driven in LVP3 server.


Date Track Laps  Qualifications
1.7.2018. 4K_Wh_Bridgis_v2 - Test race
Div1 (stats)
8.7.2018. 4KT_Drosovce-short_v2
Div1 (stats)
15.7.2018. 4K_Wh_Sandopolis_v2
Div1 (stats)
22.7.2018. 4K_Wh_Avantura_v2
41 no link
29.7.2018. 4K_Slv_Bahrainia_v2
Div1 (stats)
5.8.2018. 4K_Wh_Elemterekejfe_v2
Div1 (stats)
19.8.2018. 4K_Slv_Silvarstone_v2
Div1 (stats)
26.8.2018. 4K_Wh_Ziggy_v3
Div1 (stats)
2.9.2018. 4KT_Flakemoore_v3
Div1 (stats)
9.9.2018. 4KRe_NipponHighlands
​Div1 (stats)
16.9.2018. 4K_Wh_Circly_v2
Div1 (stats)
End date: 
Sunday, September 16, 2018


Number of best results counted: 8

1Princess Tinja395710
2[x] Mike Nike372310
3Finland Jormeli32909
4Bosnia and Herzegovina [x] Whiplash320010
5Portugal Azev27809
7Portugal Silva266010
8Spain C. Sainz Jr 2.026508
10Croatia Magnam24109
11Italy Kid Masters23809
12Italy Luca Badoer23508
13Italy Alexander Wurz23007
14X X X22306
16San Marino Felipe AncaMassa21009
18Italy Enrico Papi16406
19Esteban Tuero14005
20Italy Astunce13405
21Portugal Will8903
26Poland Lorenzo1333401
28Poland Gzehoo2201



The championship is defined by FAIRPLAY RULES.
NOTICE: Always use one the same player profile (in all qualifications and races). You will be identified by profile ID, not just by name. 

We will have 10 races (tracks). All tracks will be released and you can already download them all from HERE. We can consider adding more tracks if somebody makes them in the meanwhile.

The car will be the amazing F1-Genesis (HERE). It's the most advanced F1 car built for TS so far. Its braking is quite challenging and can be crucial technical thing for your race. To do it properly, brake earlier and don't hold it for too long (brakes need some time to cool down after a hard braking). Otherwise, the tyres will overslide, lose grip and produce smoke. When tyres wearing is enabled in the Division 1 race, this will affect your overall tyres performance and you'll need to visit the pit earlier. So, avoid oversliding and getting out of the track. ;) The car also produces drafting (slipstream) - you can get some extra speed while driving directly behind the other car. But, watch out, you will lose some grip while doing this maneuver. 

All qualified drivers will be split to 2 divisions. To qualify and participate in the Division 1 race each Sunday, you "just" need to get in top 20 drivers by driving a single fast lap in LVP3 server. You can drive there every day 24 hours (Monday-Saturday). Your position in qualifications will automatically become your start position in the race. So, give your best! Drivers qualified 21th will drive Division 2 race each Monday 21:00 GMT. They can also try to join Division 1 race on Sunday and they will be allowed to race only in case some top 20 qualified driver didn't show up. Drivers with better position in qualifications will get priority there. Division 2 race can also be driven by a driver who's in top 20 qualified drivers in case he missed to race his Division 1 race by some reason. 

This is how the server will prioritize groups of drivers who can join Division 1 race just before it starts:
Phase 1: Top 20 qualified drivers
Phase 2: Drivers qualified between 21 and 30 position (in case there are still free spots) - they will be called to join the race by order of their position in qualifications.
Phase 3: Any other driver (in case there are still free spots)

So, if you get kicked during the process, join as spectator - you might have a chance to still join the server (in phase 2 or 3).
Guide for newcomers: To join the server as spectator, just don't select any player profile to play with in the game menu.

The every race will be 1 hour long (number of laps will be set according to each track length). Tyre wear and fuel will be enabled. Before the each race is started, players will set up their start fuel (command: /startfuel). During the pit visit drivers will only change their tyres. So, have in mind to take enough fuel to finish the whole race (you will not be able to refill it in the pit). ;)
Division 1 and Division 2 races will be driven by the same rules and setups. 

Test race(s)
In order to make full race practicing setup faster, we prepared source file for you HERE (f1gp-test.src). To use it, do this:
- Download the f1gp-test.src file from above.
- Create one folder inside of your Turbo Sliders game folder named "sources" and put f1full.src file in it. 
- Run the game and select track you want to do your test on. 
- Go Network Game > Start Server (make sure Master Server is Disabled in the list if you want to keep it private) and Start.
- Now just write /source f1gp-test.
- Select number of laps we will have for that particular track/race. Command for that is /lap (you write, for example, /lap 45).
- Now you need to decide how much % of fuel you will take for the whole race. Command for that is /startfuel (you write, for example, /startfuel 90) - and you're ready to go! ;)
- Do as many testings as you need in order to plan the best strategy for yourself. While driving, try to see how much fuel you're consuming per lap and next time try out some other /startfuel value. We suggest you always to take a bit more than it's precisely needed - you don't want to get out of fuel before the race is even finished. ;) Notice that if you lose the fuel, your car will stop totally and you won't be able to refuel. Also, see how many times you want to visit the pit to change your tyres, and decide in which laps you'll drive to pit exactly. Also, have in mind that your car will get faster by time because of less fuel in the tank.

Point system:
50 45 42 40 38 36 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 
20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 
(These points will be also given accordingly to non-qualified players who participated in qualifications)
Top 8 races will be counted.