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[x] Whiplash
Bosnia and Herzegovina

I've discovered the game probably in 2006. and instantly fell in love with it. During all these years Turbo Sliders stayed the only game I've never uninstalled from my PC. I've played demo version offline for two years and once the version 2.0.0 has been released, I started to play it even more often (together with my room mates on the same PC).
2009. was the year when I registered on the TS forum excited that I'll finally be able to fight against all of the players from all around the world. At that moment I expected to be the fastest player at least with AntiSlider, because I've known how much time I have spent driving it. But in a very short time I've realized how wrong that prediction was. Back then DIT (Dark International Tournament) was running organized by dede, and I enjoyed it a lot, especially because it had a nice ranking showing you how good your performance really is compared too all of other drivers. Full Contact server was also the place where I've been playing mostly. I remember how much I've been amazed by all the top players I've met online: [TDi] Matti, [fS] Janne, [NoLo] Etana, [+] Badeend, AlexNovo, Mike Nike and especially [+] dede and [+] Tijny. 
By time I've become one of the most active players and soon I've become an admin and got the FTP access to all of the community servers. During all those years I've been playing without being a member of any team. But once I've met AlexNovo after a long period of his absence, I decided we could form a team that will bring together all the players who're addicted to play record hunting, just as we are. Record hunting was always treated as extreme way of playing TS, which is mainly reserved for weirdos who aren't bothered with driving tons of laps without a brake. That's how we've come with idea of its name - xTream. AlexNovo accepted the idea immediately; we officially announced the team on 24.4.2011. and started to play with team tag [x]. Knowing how sick about record hunting Mike Nike is, we've seen nothing more natural for him than joining our new team. Mike Nike accepted the offer after some thinking and the xTream proudly presented him as a third, the most famous, member. After some time we've also successfully assigned  Stylus and Sig, another two fast drivers.
On the beginning of 2013. dede announced that five years after the last release Ande (Antti Manisto), the game developer, accepted to work on the most needed features for the new version of the game, even he was too busy with his main job (he was working on Trials Fusion at that time). Worried that we could fail to exploit enough Ande's presence, I decided to take organization more under my control. I've contacted him by e-mail and created a new secret forum group in order to bring together all the trusted community players as a beta testers. At the same time I prepared the detailed suggestion list. Almost a year later (on 30.11.2014.), due to Ande's busyness, TS finally got its 2.5.3 version, with a great new features. 
Turbo Sliders has a chance for a new life now and I'm looking forward to see more new players arriving and getting addicted to the greatest 2D racing game ever made.